Dating A Yogi

Dating A Yogi Hey Guys! I had been dating a yoga instructor for a few months, and unfortunately, the relationship came to an end a few days ago. In this post, I don’t not intend to vent, weep or sulk… (READ MORE)


Face Yoga?

There’s a new thing that my mother has been trying out recently and I wanted to talk about it here. She was looking in the mirror the last few weeks and was disappointed with her smile lines. She was getting… (READ MORE)


Wim Hoff Method

Now that we’ve gotten through the nude yoga studios, that happen to be filled with hundreds of newly weds, we can move on to other aspects of health and well being. I don’t always like to post about just yoga,… (READ MORE)


Naked Yoga?

Nude yoga is rapidly becoming a trend, along with relaxation for couples. Its is usually in a small, steamy booth, with no windows, and it is taught by a video instructor on a screen, so nobody can see any naughty… (READ MORE)